How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Minimalist Wedding That Will Surely WOW Your Guests

Last updated Sep 12, 2020

A minimalist wedding is less-stressful, it’s budget-friendly, and very easy to achieve if you understand the essentials. Discover how you can benefit from throwing a minimalist wedding, and plan an effortless minimalist wedding on a budget with these top nine tips.

Reddot Brewhouse Dempsey Photo by Petrina Ng

Image by Red Dot Brewhouse Dempsey

Planning a wedding is stressful, planning a wedding during COVID-19 is even worse. If you’ve found that all your thoughts, conversations, and spare time are being taken over by wedding planning, and you are constantly worried about the uncertainties of the current situation, it may be time to reassess your priorities about your big day.

If you’re stressing out about the over-the-top details, we encourage you to try a “less is more” approach – a minimalist wedding.

What is a Minimalist Wedding?

Botanico at the Garage solemnization setup

Image by Botanico at the Garage

Traditional weddings go all out with lavish (and often expensive) decor and hundreds of guests. But a minimalist wedding mostly relies on the inherent beauty of the venue and includes stunning, unexpected accents.

So which venues in Singapore that are perfect for minimalist weddings?

Head to Xeplanner Inspirations Search page, simply select Search by category> Venue,  Search by keywords > Minimalist. Ta Ta! You will find a list of wedding solemnisation venues in Singapore that are perfect for minimalist weddings in seconds.

15. Minimalist wedding venue inspirations on Xeplanner

Instructions of How to Search Minimalist Wedding Venues on Xeplanner 


Benefits of Having a Minimalist Wedding

There are several benefits of having a minimalist wedding, such as:

  • Décor looks more intentional.
  • Compared to traditional weddings, it’s easier to plan.
  • You’ll save a lot of money so you can invest more in your married future.
  • With fewer guests, you’ll be able to connect more with those you invite.
  • Everyone will feel more welcome in the laid-back environment.

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Minimalist Wedding

Are you ready to start cultivating your minimalist wedding? If so, here are the best ways to create your picture-perfect union:

#1. Make Use of Your Bridal Shower

wedding favor, hand-made soap by Sugar and spice Singapore

Hand-Made 3D Soaps by Sugar & Spice Singapore

Get creative and low waste with your bridal shower by using it as a way to contribute to your wedding.

For example, you could attend workshops (or hang out) together to create favors or decorations for your big day, such as:

  • Hand-made soap
  • Baked cookies
  • Hand-made plants

#2. Simplify Your Guest List

Minimalist wedding solemnization at Empress at Asian Civilisations Museum

Image by Empress at Asian Civilisations Museum

Keep your guest count strictly to your A-list.

Instead of inviting hundreds of people that you know, try to cut it down to 50 or less of your closest friends and family.

Doing so makes the whole day feel so much more intimate and saves money.

To really trim your tribe, stick to just your siblings or very best friends. The smaller the crowd, the more meaningful the experience will be.

#3. Choose a Modern, Raw-Space for Your Minimalist Wedding Venue

Minimalist Wedding at Singapore Flyer Carbine

Image by Singapore Flyer

For a minimalist wedding venue, it’s best to choose a modern or raw space that is already nice looking on its own. (For example, an art studio or an outdoor area surrounded by plants.)

You could even find a “blank canvas” wedding venue with a beautiful view as the backdrop, such as a big garden.

#4. Organize Low-Waste Catering

wedding buffet


When it comes to catering, lunch buffets are best for minimal food waste because guests will have a better appetite.

Having a lunch wedding will also save on money because people consume less alcohol in the afternoon.

Ensure that there are reusable kitchen wares for serving the food. It’s more attractive and also generates less waste.

#5. Add Minimalist Floral Accents

Minimalist wedding foliage table centerpiece by Wedding Huts

Table Styling by Wedding Huts

Another benefit of minimalist weddings is that you can save on the expensive florist. You can even ditch the flowers and opt for graceful greenery!

But you could still incorporate flowers into your wedding in a minimalist way by choosing one type understated bloom. Or you could select single-stem bouquets and centrepieces for an elegant effect.

#6. Add WOW Factors Through Décor Details

The joy troopers wedding paper art decoration

Image by The Joy Troopers

After choosing your perfect minimalist wedding venue, it’s time to dress it up with incredible details that’ll draw the eye of your guests.

real leaf place card, minimalist wedding decoration idea

Image by Hardinhand

Some examples of WOW factors you could add to your wedding could include decorating with:

  • Hand-written place cards (do it on fresh leaves to make it even more memorable)
  • Geometric shapes
  • Sculptural candelabras
  • Elegant glass bottle seating chart

If you need more ideas, you can check out Xeplanner’s Inspirations Page to discover more minimalist wedding decoration and styling inspirations from Singapore. 


#7. Choose Uncomplicated Attire

Minimalist wedding dress by Frieda Brides

Minimalist Wedding Gown by Frieda Brides

There are many minimalist wedding dresses to choose from. To keep it simple, rent or buy a second hand one. This way, you don’t have to splurge too much for something you’ll only wear once.

For shoes, keep it simple. Choose a pair that you can still wear for daily outfits to get the most future use out of them.

wedding photo by Bridelope Productions

Image by Bridelope Productions

You can also give bridesmaids a color scheme and let them wear their own dresses. This way, they’ll love how they look and feel confident with their own style.

#8. Keep Wedding Band Designs Simple & Minimal

Customisable Fingerprint wedding bands by Serendipity Diamonds

Image by Serendipity Diamonds

Instead of splurging on big bling, go for something elegant, minimal, and meaningful. For example, you could get each other wedding bands with your fingerprint on them! If you are wondering where to customise your fingerprint wedding bands in Singapore? Mulia Jewellery Singapore can customise it for you based on your fingerprint.

#9. Keep Your Hair Simple & Elegant

Minimalist wedding hairstyle by Elsa Yan Make Up Artist

Hairstyle by Elsa Yan Make Up Artist


minimalist wedding hairstyle low ponytail by Lings Palette

Makeup by Lings Palette

A low, minimalist twist with pearl hairpins is ideal for the minimalist bride. Or a chic twisted low ponytail.  They are also reasonably simple to do.

You could get a friend to create this style for you to avoid spending on a hairstylist. Or even do it yourself!

With the above tips in mind, you too can have the picture-perfect minimalist wedding of your dreams. Now that you know how to best create this experience, it’s time to go out and get planning!

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Last updated Sep 12, 2020

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