The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue in Singapore

Last updated Jul 23, 2020

Your perfect dream wedding needs a perfect venue, but finding one isn’t easy in Singapore as we are easily spoilt for choice. Follow this guide on how to choose your perfect wedding venue in Singapore and note down the critical things that you need to take into consideration when finding your dream venue. 

In Singapore, there are so many venue options to choose from, whether you’re looking for an elegant ballroom, a rooftop bar with a stunning view, or a cosy restaurant. So which one suits you the best? Here’s how to narrow down which type of venue will best suit your needs.

#1. Start with Your Wedding Theme

Xeplanner Inspiration search

Xeplanner Inspiration Search Page

Picking out a wedding theme can be one of the hardest planning pieces that every couple faced with.

One of the best ways to start with is to create a mood board to start collecting inspirations for your wedding. This way will help you visualise the theme of your dreams and make decisions easily on how to choose a wedding venue.

In addition to Pinterest and Instagram, you can also search wedding inspirations on Xeplanner and save your favorite ones into your Xeplanner Mood Board tool. Once you’ve set the tone of your big day, you can officially move forward with the rest of your wedding plans.

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#2. Plan Your Budget As Early As You Can

On average, you can expect your venue, food, drinks, etc. cost to account for around 70% of your total budget. It’s extremely important to know what’s included in the venue package and make sure there are no surprise charges.

Normally, the venue will provide a few fixed wedding themes for you to choose from and all the wedding decorations will be done by the venue. However, it’s also important to share your vision and budget with the venue and let them know what you hope to be included in the package, so they can customise a package for you which best fits your expectations.

Budget planning isn’t easy, use Xeplanner Budget Planner tool to help you get started. Simply type in your total budget, and it will help you allocate your budget into each wedding item. So you can easily plan, track and monitor your wedding spending anywhere anytime.

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#3. Draft a Guest-list

Space is a vital consideration when choosing a wedding venue. Your rough draft of the guest-list gives you an idea of whether you want a large capacity wedding venue or you’d prefer a smaller and more intimate one.

The correct size of the place is incredibly important as it impacts the budget, overall feel of the wedding and the enjoyment of your guests.

#4. Check Pricing & Availability Before Your Site Visit

Visit the venues before you choose an exact date. Keep a range of dates in mind and have some room for flexibility.

Check the rates for weekdays and weekends, number of hours included in the rental of space, additional charges for extra hours, set-up time, initial deposit, payment schedule & cancellation policy. How much are the “++” cost, i.e. tax and gratuity costs, which are over and above the total cost?

Here are 37 questions you should be asking your wedding venues before and during your site visit.

Filling in numerous venue online enquiry forms can be tiring, to help you save some time, use Xeplanner’s 1-Click Request for Quote tool to write down all your enquiries in our pre-made RFQ templates at one go, and send it to multiple venues by just a click.

#5. Pay Attention to the Venue Lighting


Lighting plays a crucial role, especially for wedding photography. While choosing a venue, visualise if your ceremony is during the day or evening. Do you have natural light, low light or candles? Where will the photographers, cameras be and where will you take outdoor photographs?

#6. Ask the Venue’s Parking Condition

Parking is another critical factor when you choose your wedding venue. Make sure there’s plenty of parking space and include a map in the wedding invites. If the place does not have ample parking space, inform your guests about close by parking lots or make arrangements for a shuttle service to transport guests to the venue.

#7. Prepared a List of Non-Negotiables

It’s important to be prepared with an extensive list of some points that are non-negotiable for you and your partner. Create your own personal list. These could include:

  • Catering – What type of cuisine would you like and does the venue provide this? Do you have to purchase liquor through them?
  • Suppliers – Does the venue permit you to use your own list of vendors, or you need to use their recommended suppliers?
  • Entertainment – Do you have any specific entertainment requirements – live bands, outdoor music, fireworks, dancers, flame eaters, etc. and does the venue allow it? Are any special permits required?
  • Special Logistics – Keep your guest list in mind. Would you need a handicap accessible site, are the number of toilets enough, what is your backup plan for inclement weather

Crumpled paper Plan A and clean sheet paper Plan B on white background. Change the idea from Plan A to Plan B background concept.[/caption]

#8. Always Have a Plan B

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, you should always have a backup plan. While getting married under sunny blue skies may be the dream, but quite often rain showers are the reality in Singapore especially during the raining season.

The perfect venue for your special day is out there. Just have patience, perseverance and a lot of pre-planning.

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Last updated Jul 23, 2020

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