Make your wedding planning a breeze with this free Singapore wedding checklist and timeline to easily get things done in 12 months.

Planning for your wedding is probably one of the biggest projects you’ll ever commit to in your life. Even if you are lucky enough to have the help of a wedding planner, one of the first things you need to start doing post-engagement, is to put together a list of wedding tasks you need to embark on.


Wedding Checklist For Starters


Determine your budget.

This depends on who’s contributing. If the wedding is entirely paid by you and your husband-to-be, the sum has to be one you both can comfortably afford, without expecting any monetary gifts in return.

Set a wedding date.

You will need this before you start looking and confirming vendors.

Put together a rough estimate of your guest list.

Include your immediate family, ask your parents for the number of relatives to invite first, before including your friends and colleagues.

Decide on a wedding theme.

Even if you don’t have a proper theme in mind, it is still good to come up with a basic wedding mood board (or wedding inspiration board) to help you decide on your look and vendors easily.

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Wedding Vendors You Will Need

Wedding Venue by Wedding Bazaar

Finding the perfect vendor can be time-consuming, and sometimes, frustrating. What’s a bride to do? Look to a tool for help, of course!

Xeplanner’s Mood Board tool helps reduce the work for you by looking for vendors that match your wedding style according to the images you have saved into the Mood Board tool.

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Wedding Checklist with a 12-Months Timeline for Singapore Brides

Xeplanner wedding checklist


Below, we have put together a timeline for you. Feel free to add or remove whatever you need, or don’t need!

12 months before

  • Confirm your wedding date
  • Start sourcing for your reception venue
  • Start sourcing for your solemnisation venue (note: if you are marrying in a Catholic church, you will need to book your slot at least one year in advance)
  • Look for your photographer

10 months before

6 months before

  • Flowers
  • Favours (if your venue doesn’t provide them, or if you prefer to give something more personal)
  • Décor
  • Save the dates for local guests
  • Caterer (only if you’re having a church ceremony, or solemnisation)
  • Confirming your wedding invitations

3 months before

  • Find a Justice of the Peace, or officiant.
  • File notice of marriage at ROM or ROMM
  • Food tasting (if your venue provides them)
  • Have your first wedding dress fitting
  • Send physical invitations to friends and distant relatives

1 month before

  • Confirm your final number of guests and inform your venue or venues
  • Guo da li (this is done two to four weeks before the wedding)
  • Send wedding cakes and physical invitations to close relatives after your guo da li (for Chinese couples)
  • Have your second fitting
  • Confirm wedding car rental
  • Confirm arrival and fitting of bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits
  • Plan a rough timeline of your actual day

 2 weeks before

  • Inform your venue of any last-minute changes to your guestlist
  • Have your final gown and suit fitting
  • Prepare your duit hantaran (to be given at the solemnisation ceremony for Malay couples)

1 week before

  • Pick up your wedding dress and suit
  • Wedding rehearsal
  • Find lucky lady for tea ceremony
  • Confirm your music list
  • Confirm your timeline for your actual day

2 to 3 days before

  • Henna ceremony (for Muslim and Hindu brides)
  • Send a text message or email to all your vendors to confirm the wedding schedule
  • Prepare red packets for your parents, relatives (for the tea ceremony), and helpers

1 day before

  • Run through your schedule for the day
  • Send a final text message or email to all your vendors to confirm the time the next day
  • Ensure your wedding bouquet will arrive the night before, or the day of
  • Combing ceremony (only if your parents are traditional)
  • Sleep early. You’ll need it.

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