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To help you easily evaluate which wedding venue in Singapore best suits your needs, we have compiled a list of questions that you should ask your wedding venues before signing on that dotted line. 

In your list of wedding to-dos, searching for your venue should be one of the top priorities. Why? It is, after all, integral to your celebrations; you will need a space to host your guests. And if you’re looking at a popular location to tie the knot, you may be facing competition from fellow brides.


It is extremely important to select a wedding venue you like, as you will be spending most of your day there. The right one also helps set the tone and mood for your wedding.

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However, looking for a pretty venue isn’t enough. Before making an appointment to visit your venue, you need to ensure the space fits all your requirements before you proceed.

Be sure to ask your venue these questions before your site visit


  1. How many people can the venue comfortably sit? What is the minimum and maximum capacity?
  2. What are the perks included in your wedding package? (e.g. number of invitations, and free flow beer and soft drinks)
  3. What is your cancellation or postponement policy like?
  4. What happens if we don’t make the minimum cost or minimum number of guests/tables?
  5. What is included in the overall bill – any additional charges we should be aware of?
  6. Will I have a dedicated day-of coordinator assigned to me?
  7. Do you provide decorations and flowers? If so, what are they, and who are the vendors you use? Do you have any real-life examples of previous weddings you can show us?
  8. Do you offer food tastings?
  9. Can we purchase our own liquor? If so, what are the corkage fees like? If not, how much is your venue charging per bottle of wine or barrel of beer?
  10. When can we start having the space and/or rooms to ourselves?
  11. Can we bring our own cake and desserts?
  12. Do you have insurance in case of bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19?
  13. Do you have an alternative indoor venue in case of wet weather? (For outdoor venues)
  14. Are there any decoration or noise limitations? – removed confetti/glitter, this should cover it
  15. What about accessibility for guests, do you have an entrance for disabled guests?
  16. Is the foyer exclusively for our use, or do we have to share it? (For hotels only)
  17. Will I have a room for me to change in on the day of? What time will we have the room till?
  18. Will I have a room for my wedding party on the day of? What time will we have the room till?
  19. Will there be wait staff? (For restaurants and cafes)
  20. Will ours be the only wedding that day?
  21. Are the terms of the contract negotiable?

Filling in numerous venue enquiry forms can be extremely tiring, you can use Xeplanner’s 1-Click Request for Quote tool to save heaps of time by using our pre-made RFQ templates to organise all your questions and send it to multiple vendors in one click.

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After you’ve vetted and decided on the venues you’d like to visit,  you will require a separate set of questions prepared for your first meeting with the venue coordinator.

First meeting general questions for venues


  1. Will ours be the only wedding that day?
  2. Are the terms of the contract negotiable?
  3. Is there a payment schedule to stick to?
  4. Can we swap some things out if we don’t need them (e.g. favours/invites)
  5. Any preferred vendors we need to work with? How about recommended vendors who have made a good impression based on your past experience?
  6. What time do we have the venue till?
  7. How many weddings will you have on that day or week?
  8. Is the bathroom easily accessible from the venue itself?
  9. When can our vendors deliver our items? Who will be signing for it, and is there a space to store them?
  10. Can you show us the AV equipment you offer

First meeting specific questions for hotels


  1. Do you offer preferred room rates? Do you allow for rooms to be block booked?
  2. How many free parking coupons are you able to provide? (also applies to restaurants in malls)

First meeting specific questions for restaurants, cafes, and alternative venues such as parks


  1. Do you offer accommodation (for non-hotels)?
  2. Will tables, chairs, linen and so on be included? (For venues such as parks)
  3. Will wait staff be provided? (For restaurants, cafes, and venues such as parks)
  4. Will there be parking lots provided for the bridal car, and family cars?
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Since your wedding venue will take up a huge chunk of your wedding budget, so it is something you should enjoy.

Before confirming your decision and signing on the dotted line, you will want to make sure you’re a hundred per cent sure of your decision. Why? Because there will be no take backs once you have confirmed your decision with the venue.

Cancelling or postponing the date with your venue may cost you your deposit, or worse, a percentage of the total sum mentioned in your contract.

So, make sure you get all your queries addressed before signing on that dotted line.

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Last updated Dec 2, 2021

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