Xeplanner Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. Refund policy will be subjected to the vendor’s refund policy. Event Members may have refunds from Vendor Members if the contract contains such a clause.

In the event Vendor Members refund payment to You, Xeplanner may also refund a percentage of the fee collected from the Vendor Member for that particular Engagement Contract but subjected to be reviewed case by case.

Xeplanner will not be able to refund the deduction of admin fees, bank charges and/or charges by third party vendors incurred by Xeplanner. Any cashback or rewards points for that particular transaction will also be fully reversed and can be used to offset the payment of any refund to the Event Members.

2. Cancellation due to change of mind* will be subjected to the vendor’s cancellation policy.

3. Any transaction entered into by an Event Member and the Vendor Member is strictly between the Event Member and the Vendor Member, and Xeplanner is not a party to that transaction. Any dispute between the Members is strictly between them, and Xeplanner will not be a party to that dispute.

In the event of a dispute between the Members, the Members shall use their best efforts to discuss and mediate the dispute to reach an amicable settlement.

Should the dispute remain unresolved, Members should contact Xeplanner immediately or within 24 hours after you purchase the package. Members can provide Xeplanner with the relevant information and evidence for Xeplanner’s assessment and recommendation. The Members must ensure that the information and evidence provided to Xeplanner are true and accurate. Xeplanner is in no position to decide on any dispute because it is not a judicial body.

4. Please contact us at hello@xeplanner.com or via WhatsApp at +65 89420560 for refund and cancellation issues.

*Should you have a change of mind, you will need to seek permission from the vendor first and then write to us to request a refund. 

Please note that refunds will only be issued to the original payment method.