Trendy Wedding Flowers and Bouquet Ideas Loved by Brides in Singapore in 2021 & 2022

Last updated Dec 1, 2021

We speak to 9 popular Singapore florists to get their tips and advice on trendy wedding flowers and bouquet ideas in Singapore for 2021 & 2022.

After your wedding venue and bridal gown, flowers are the most important things to check off your to-do list for your nuptials.

Why, you ask? They’re integral to your big day – from your bridal bouquet to the groom’s boutonnieres, table décor, aisle blooms, and much, much more.

Now, even if you’re not particular big on flowers, you have to admit that they add zest, colour and texture to your venue.

Besides, a venue is only transformed after flowers are added to it.

For this article, we interviewed nine Singapore florists, who shared their recommended ideas for bouquets, as well as most loved wedding flowers that have been used by brides in Singapore in 2021 & 2022.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Cheryl from Petite Petale

Petite Petale has a reputation for its dedication to providing the freshest flowers for its customers. To be sure, their arrangements are made from handpicked blooms from the flower market only on the day of.


For brides tying the knot in 2021 or 2022, Cheryl, who is Petite Petale’s founder and floral designer, recommends pastel bouquets that add colour and vibrancy to any ceremony. Offbeat brides who may prefer something less mainstream should opt for boho chic arrangements that’ll showcase their unique personality.

So far, popular flowers requested by Cheryl’s brides are roses, peonies, and hydrangea.

2. June Chen from Floral Mikelle

Specialising in customised floral arrangements and preserved bouquets, Floral Mikelle’s co-founder and floral designer June Chen recommends bouquets that comprise dusty pinks, fresh greens, as well as pastel hues for the 2021/2022.

Brides seeking to keep a memento of their big day will love that Floral Mikelle’s preserved bouquets will last long after the day of.


Tip: “For lasting bouquets like ours, brides can re-purpose our bouquet as part of the décor in their marital home after the wedding day,” says June.

So far, brides who have sought Floral Mikelle’s services have requested for calla lilies, peonies, and phalaenopsis orchids.

“[Calla lilies] make the list for their timeless yet sophisticated look. Meanwhile, peonies look lush with soft and romantic petals. Peonies are also versatile as they are available in a range of colours. However, they are spring flowers and are considered seasonal. Finally, orchids symbolise love and strength and phalaenopsis breeds are known for their simplicity and elegance,” June adds.

3. Lindt Teo from 85 Flowers

Run by a mother-daughter duo, 85 Flowers offers stunning beautiful bridal arrangements at affordable prices. Services include flowers for bouquets, bridal cars, accessories, church weddings and venue decorations.


For brides seeking to tie the knot in 2021/2022, Lindt says bouquets are trending towards colourful arrangements with a hint of green. Boho chic-themed clutches, as well as autumn hues are looking to be popular too.

So far, popular flower requests include peonies, David Austin roses and ranunculus.

4. Ong Seok Ting from Fleur Production

Fleur Production covers a wide range of services – from bridal bouquets to wedding décor packages. In addition, the florist offers several classes including floral arrangement workshops for fresh and preserved flowers, as well as a workshop to craft edible flowers from buttercream or Korean bean paste.

Fleur Production florist Ong Seok Ting recommends bouquets this year to have a rustic flavour, which includes foliage. On the flipside, colourful pastel bouquets are also trending, for brides who prefer a pop of colour.

Blooms by popular request include roses, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath.

5. Rachel Chua from The Weekend Florist

What started out as a hobby for The Weekend Florist’s founder Rachel Chua has now become a full-fledged business. Today, Chua and her team concoct a variety of floral arrangements that suit every occasion and every recipient, from grandparents to husbands, wives, sons and daughters, and so on.

This year, Rachel has seen several bouquets trending amongst couples, such as rustic, pastel, and garden-themed arrangements, as well as minimalist clutches.

She reveals that phalaenopsis orchids have been the most-requested flower for The Weekend Florist since 2019.

“We’ve even had a bride who requested for just white phalaenopsis orchids and baby’s breath,” says Rachel. “It’s also one of our favourite flowers to work with due to its clean and elegant look.”

Meanwhile, hydrangeas and peonies are also popular choices among brides.

“[Hydrangeas] are luscious and classy and come in a myriad of colours that would fit any theme or colour palette,” she adds. “Peonies may also be in season between April to June in Singapore. When they’re in season, they’re definitely the choice of bloom for most brides. Peonies are also one of our favourite flowers to work with as they fit in with most themes – from edgy to rustic and classic.”

6. Sheryl from The Interior Collections

The Interior Collections is made up of a team of creative stylists who believe in affordable luxury. According to the team, “all you need is impeccable taste and unbound creativity to add a touch of splendour to your special day”. The team adds that it specialises in giving weddings and special occasions an Instagram-worthy flair on an affordable budget.

Floral trends for couples tying the knot in 2021/2022 are rustic or boho-chic bouquets that also showcase the bride’s unique personality, says Sheryl.

Popular blooms of choice for the florist are ranunculus, peonies, and garden roses.

7. Claire Lim from Ana Hana Flower

Ana Hana Flower is a Japanese-inspired online retailer that offers quality flower gifts, as well as handcrafted gifts and home décor. Among its floral services is an omakase-style bouquet that offers a surprise to the recipient (and possibly the giver, too!) with arrangements comprising flowers that are available for the day.

According to Claire, bouquet trends she has seen so far include rustic-styled ones, as well as vibrant, pastel, and colourful bouquets. Unlike the other florists on this list, Claire says she has also seen requests for all-ivory, or off-white bouquets.

Popular flowers that have been requested by brides so far include carnations, orchids and roses.

“Some of our bridal bouquets are arranged with preserved flowers that can last up to three years with proper care, which make great mementoes for the couple,” says Claire.

8. Amanda and Jon from Blanc Studios

Blanc Studios comprises a team of artists and designers armed with strong design sensibilities and a love for unusual natural materials. This means arrangements done by them are truly like no other. Brides looking for bespoke arrangements and floral design will enjoy collaborating closely with the team to develop their vision and share their story through flowers.

Naturally, Amanda and Jon recommends bouquets that are minimalist in nature with a tinge of boho vibes and vibrant highlights.

Phalaenopsis orchids, Dutch roses and calla lilies are among Blanc Studios’ flowers of choice.

9. Shilbe Lim from Still Life Floral

Founded by Shilbe Lim, Still Life Floral is a studio that specialises in floral styling and botanical set design. Trained under the award-winning floral artist Zita Else, Lim’s ethereal woodland confections will transform any venue and impress the couple and their guests alike.

Shilbe’s recommendations of green, unique, minimalist bouquets that are also vibrant and colourful are in keeping with her one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Popular flowers, according to her, are phalaenopsis orchids, ranunculus, and calla lilies.

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Last updated Dec 1, 2021

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