How to Create a Wedding Mood Board that Will Help You Find Your Perfect-Fit Vendors

Last updated Jun 8, 2021

Once you’ve settled on your wedding checklist and wedding budget, here comes the fun part: making your wedding mood board (or wedding inspiration board)!

What Exactly is a Wedding Mood Board (or Wedding Inspiration Board)?

Rustic garden summer greens table settings wedding mood board

A wedding mood board is a physical or digital collage of photos and ideas that convey the look, elements and feeling you are hoping to create through your wedding design.


Why You Should Make a Wedding Mood Board?

A wedding mood board enables you to pin down your general wedding look, even if you don’t have a wedding theme in mind. Even a common colour palette helps, too.

Having a wedding mood board also helps you identify things you like, and the ones you don’t.

Having a wedding mood board makes wedding planning easier, too. Your mood board will serve as a point of reference in terms of the vendors you want to work with. Having visuals will also help you be better able to communicate with your vendors; avoid misinterpretation by describing your vision with words alone.


How to Make an Effective Wedding Mood Board that Will Save Your Time on Vendor Search?

Xeplanner Magic Wedding Mood Board Tool

Don’t know where to begin? Follow these 4 simple steps to make a wedding mood board that will make your vendor search a breeze.

Step 1: Discuss Wedding Visions With Your Partner

Before start searching wedding inspirations on your own, set a date with your partner to discuss what you each envision for your wedding day and make sure you both are aligned with your wedding vision.

Here are some sample questions to start the conversation:

  • How do we like to spend our time together as a coupe?
  • What three words would we use to describe our relationship?
  • How would we spend our dream holiday?
  • What’s the most cherished item you own?
  • Where do we feel most happy?
  • What would you love to see/hate to see on our wedding day?

The most important step in your wedding planning process is to remember that it is your day. Although it might seem tricky now, with family members wanting to have their say (especially if they are helping out financially). Being yourselves and doing what makes you happy is the most important thing.

Once you two have identified the type of celebration you’re looking to have, you’re all set to go!

Step 2:  Identify Search Terms and Explore Your Unique Style

These days, mood boards are generally done online. Which means you will need to know the search terms you are actually looking for before you get to the pretty pictures. Some popular terms include boho wedding, glamorous wedding, intimate celebrations, beachside venues, rustic venues, and so on.

Pinterest and Instagram are literally the perfect tools for brides to be for getting inspired, but sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. Especially when you are trying to find the vendors in your city who have done similar work before can be extremely time-consuming.

However, if you’re not sure where to begin, help is at hand! On Xeplanner Weddings, we make searching for your wedding theme and vendors a breeze. Simply filter through thousands of real wedding inspirations from Singapore that is sorted through category, theme, popular wedding search term, and colour to help you narrow down the type of wedding style you are looking for.

Step 3: Start Your Wedding Vendor Search

Xeplanner Weddings Magic Mood Board Tool


Once you have complied your favorite photos beautifully organised in your wedding mood board, you should start searching for the wedding vendors in your city who can bring your wedding dreams to life. If you’ve registered a free user account with Xeplanner Weddings, that’s the easiest thing to start with.

Why, you ask? Beyond saving and organising your wedding inspirations, Xeplanner’s Magic Mood Board helps you get instant, personalised vendor recommendations based on your mood board analysis in seconds, so you can find a list of vendors in Singapore who can help you achieve your dream wedding vision by just a few clicks!

Step 4: Share Your Mood Board with Your Vendors Early

Getting a team of top-notch wedding suppliers on board is super important, as is making sure you trust them to bring your vision to life. Your wedding mood board is the perfect starting point to discuss with and guide them, so they can help translate your mood board into something tangible.

Xeplanner mood board sharing

Once you’ve found your preferred vendors on Xeplanner Weddings, you can use our 1-Click Enquiry tool to write down you questions and requirements at one go, choose a mood board to share with and send it to multiple vendors by just a click. If our vendor partners don’t get back to you within 3 working days, don’t worry, Xeplanner will follow up with them on your behalf for free.

We hope these tips have helped you with your wedding styling journey. Remember, the key is to have fun and always be true to yourself! 😊💜

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Last updated Jun 8, 2021

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