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Storefront Photo Gallery

Images uploaded onto the Storefront Photo Gallery will only be displayed at the top of your Storefront page. This is a great place to showcase your featured products and services. Each vendor can upload up to 10 images on to the photo gallery.

Inspirations Board

Inspirations Board is a space where you can upload your product photos, portfolios and images from your past projects with a group of relevant keywords to inspire couples and help them visualize what they can do for their wedding.

Your inspirations will be displayed on our Inspirations Search Page and your Storefront Inspirations Section.

The more inspirations you post, the higher the chance your Storefront will be positioned at the top of the Vendor Marketplace Page.

Our smart vendor matchmaking algorithm empowers vendors to obtain more visibility by posting more high-quality inspirations often.

As our users browse through and save preferred inspirations to their mood board, our algorithm will analyze users’ preferences and recommend vendors who have similar inspirations.