What are the Xeplanner storefront content requirements?

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Add key business details to your Storefront and do not dump a bunch of text to your Storefront, sometimes less is better. We encourage you to update your Storefront so long as it meets the below requirements.

Business Information
  • Your Business Name must be the ACRA-approved name on your Bizfile.
  • Your Business Location must include a ZIP or postal code so that your listing is mapped to the correct region. All Ceremony and Reception Venues must consist of a full address.
  • Your Website URL must be an active website with information about your business. Note Facebook pages are acceptable if you do not have a business website.
  • Your Phone Number on your Xeplanner account must match the phone number listed on your business website. Country code must be provided.
Business Description
  • No more than 250 words.
  • Proper spelling and grammar.
  • Bold is used only for headings after the introduction paragraph.
  • Italics, underlines, any <html> styling tags, or hyperlinks should not be used.
  • All text should be left-aligned.
  • Bulleted lists must contain at least three items, follow a sentence within the previous paragraph to introduce the list, and include a colon punctuation mark.
  • Descriptions must be written in the third person.
  • Language must be inclusive of all types of couples (e.g. try to use “couples” and avoid gender-specific words like “bride” and “groom.”)
  • Writing with a neutral tone — no lofty phrases​ such as​ “best wedding venue I​n ____.”
  • Does not include promotional text, lists of awards, events, menus or reviews​.​
Service Category

You must choose at least 1 service category in order to publish your storefront. If your storefront contains multiple service categories, please select your storefront default category.

High-Quality Photos in Storefront Photo Gallery

Xeplanner requires high-quality photos showcasing the wedding-related services and/or products you offer. A minimum of 5 photos is needed in your storefront photo showcase gallery.

Ceremony and Reception Venues must feature at least one photo of the space where events are held.

Photos may be removed if they do not meet these guidelines. Reasons for removal include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Contact details such as website URL, email addresses, telephone numbers, or references to social media sites (#hashtags or @UserIDs).
  • Screenshots from computer screens or mobile devices.
  • Promotional or event posters, advertisements, award certificates, or logos.
  • Small watermarks/logos over photos that don’t include contact details are acceptable.
  • Photomontages, collages, framed photos, or blurred edges.
  • Exclusions apply to allow montages for Photographers, Videographers, Photo Booth, Beauty & Health, and Dress & Attire vendors (i.e. “before and after” photos and front and back views of dresses).
  • Photos displaying reviews from past customers.
  • Duplicate photos that appear in more than one album