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Whether you are a boutique store who just started the business or a multi-national brand, at Xeplanner, everyone has an equal chance to be listed at the top of the inspiration search page without spending a dime.

Today we are going to share how inspiration works on Xeplanner and some best practices on how to boost your lead generation on Xeplanner for free by using the Inspiration listing tool.

How do users discover my storefront on Xeplanner?

Xeplanner is a new concept wedding marketplace. On Xeplanner, our users discover vendors by searching vendors’ inspirations on the Inspiration Search Page instead of browsing vendors’ profiles.

This way, users can spend more time discovering and collecting their favourite inspirations into their mood boards. Then let our smart vendor search algorithm recommend a list of local vendors, who can deliver their vision.

On the other hand, vendors will receive more high-quality leads with a higher chance of getting hired via Xeplanner.

*VMT (Vendor-Match Technology)

How does Xeplanner priorities inspirations?

We prioritise the inspirations in chronological order.

The newly published inspirations will be listed at the top of the page.

Where will my inspirations be displayed on Xeplanner?

Your inspirations will be displayed on the Xeplanner Inspiration Search page, as well as on your Business Storefront Inspiration Section.

How does Xeplanner decide which vendors to list at the top of the Vendor Listing Page? 

We rank the vendors’ listing position according to the following orders, vendors with the highest-ranking will be displayed at the top of each vendor category page.

1) Vendors with the highest number of positive reviews

2) Vendors who posted the highest number of inspirations

3) Vendors who posted the newest inspirations

How can users find my inspirations?

Click here to learn more. 

How to upload inspirations?

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Best practice of posting a search-engine-optimized (SEO) inspiration:

Tip 1: Post More Inspirations and Post Often.

Upload as many inspirations as possible to increase the chances of being searched and viewed by our brides-to-be. Instead of just showing off your products, show what will inspire them and what you could help them to achieve.

Tip 2: Organize Your Inspirations Board by Sections.

You want to make it easy for your potential customers to find your inspirations, right? So keep it organized. Create different sections by your product range, projects, collections or themes. You can move Inspirations from one section to another, edit and delete any inspiration, change your section name or delete your section.

Tip 3: Select Relevant Keywords Only

Sometimes, less is more! Only select the relevant keywords for your inspirations to help our users easily filter and find your inspirations.

Tip 4: Pick a Colour Palette for Your Inspiration

A wedding color palette has always helped set the tone for the big day. Black and white denote a sophisticated, formal affair; green and pink can complement a garden wedding; Thus, our brides-to-be often search inspirations based on their wedding color palette. Use the color palette picker to choose a combination of colors for your inspiration to increase the chances of being discovered by our brides-to-be.

In conclusion, the more effort you spend to nurture your inspiration boards on Xeplanner, the higher brand exposure you might gain.