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Do I need to sign any contract if I just want to try your platform first?

No. You do not need to sign our Collaboration Agreement when you register for a Trial Partner. However, once you receive your first successful booking from us, you will need to sign the Collaboration Agreement in order to continue your collaboration with us.

We want you to try our service first before making the decision.

What does a “lead” mean?

A lead refers to a potential customer and a visitor on Xeplanner who are interested in your service and product.

  • Potential customers are Xeplanner registered users that have the intention to contact you by unlocking your contact information on your vendor storefront or sending you an enquiry via Xeplanner platform.
  • Visitors are Xeplanner web visitors who are interested in your profile by looking at your packages, and your social media profiles, and website.
What does a successful booking mean?

1. A successful booking refers to a registered Xeplanner user contacts you via Xeplanner platform and the user makes a payment to confirm his/her booking with you online or offline.

2. Or a registered Xeplanner user purchases one of your packages on Xeplanner Marketplace.

Do I have to enter my credit card details to register a partner account?

No, we do not require your credit card information for account registration. 

Are there any account setup fees or hidden fees?

There’s no setup fee or hidden fee with Xeplanner. The first successful booking you receive from Xeplanner customers will be commission-free. However, there will be 10% commission for each successful bookings thereafter.

Are there any transaction fees?

Xeplanner uses a secured third-party payment gateway to process all our online payments. 

Therefore, if a Xeplanner customer chooses to use a credit card or Paypal to purchase your packages or products,  a transaction fee will be deducted from the total payment by the payment gateway company.

If a Xeplanner customer chooses to use Direct Bank transfer, Paylah, or Paynow to purchase your packages or products, an SGD$0.20 per transaction will be deducted from the total payment by the bank. 



How do you collect commissions?

Get in touch with us at hello@xeplanner.com to learn more. 

I'm currently on Trial Plan. What happens once I receive my 1st successful booking?

Once you receive your first successful booking from Xeplanner users, you will need to sign the Collaboration Agreement in order to continue your collaboration with us.

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Maximise Your Brand Exposure by Visuals

Our Inspiration Search Page is a centralised place to showcase all your past projects to your potential customers and make them searchable by category, theme and keywords.

Free Listing with Unlimited Leads

You will receive an unlimited number of high-quality enquiries directly into your sales email for free.

Target the Right Customers to Fill in Your Off-Peak Dates

Our system captures a set of comprehensive customer data including the wedding date and time, wedding budget, number of guests and visual preference, so we know which couples might like your offerings.

Know Your Customers' Preferences to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Our RFQ tool enables you to personalise your customer proposals based on their visual preferences and wedding information to increase your conversion rate.

Become a Key Opinion Leader

Our Wedding Checklist and Budget Planner tools allow you to be involved in our customers’ planning journey to educate, help and influence their decision-making process.

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